Montessori International Preschool Course

SEELS Montessori International Preschool Course

2-Day Introductory Course for SEELS-Montessori Diploma Course

Course Description

This 2-day training course is an eye-opener on the life and works of Dr. Maria Montessori and the Montessori principles and methods. Montessori-designed Exercises on Practical Life, Sensorial Development, and Language Program are introduced. This course is an overview, involving demonstration aimed to build students the basic foundation on Montessori education.

In the Language Program, the connection between the modern “synthesized phonics” to help children acquire skills in reading and writing developed by Jolly Learners (UK) was linked to the classic Montessori (English) Language Program. To reinforce the skills development on Montessori plus Jolly Phonics methods, presentation and demonstration of a 50-minute lesson plan sample is delivered. At the same time, the SEELS curriculum foundation in teaching the four English language skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing are presented to the students.

The final training outcomes:

Students are equipped with basic lesson plan making based on Montessori and Jolly Learners Phonics and Grammar Program.

The skills gained will enable Introductory Course graduates to prepare a skillfully written English demo class and eventually for regular English language classes.

After receiving the certificate of completion on Introductory Course or IC as SEELS key program, IC graduates will have proper knowledge on the importance in pursuing to take the next course – SEELS Montessori Preschool Teacher Diploma.

SEELS Montessori International Preschool Course

SEELS Montessori Preschool Teacher Diploma Course

Course Description

This course is a once a week, five-hour sessions for 40 days, with extra hours for assignment preparations and internship program. It will take almost one year at most to complete and to receive the diploma.

The skills and learning activities for the whole year includes:

    • Teaching Montessori subjects namely: Exercises on Practical Life, Sensorial Development, Language Program, Math, Science, Geography, Culture and others.
    • Computer sessions focused on using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, the Internet and more.
    • Early Childhood Education.
    • Social Entrepreneurship.
    • Internship Program.

While enrolled, students are encouraged to start teaching English at home or start their own free-franchise SEELS Montessori English Phonics School. SEELS “earn while you learn” approach is a social enterprise school course model. In our experience, many of the Diploma Course students, after acquiring teaching skills even in the mid-term of course completion, get hired by Japanese and international preschools.